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Recently, on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the AsiaBLECH team began to visit many old exhibitors and industry associations. In the process of communication, we learned about the latest industry information and developments from the exhibitors and industry association leaders, and the initiative of AsiaBLECH to deploy the Southwest region was recognized and supported by professionals, which enhanced confidence.

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The “winter” of the sheet metal industry has not yet gone, but we believe that winter is here and spring is not far!
AsiaBLECH will do its utmost to provide you with the most professional exhibition platform!
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深度分析-汽车动力电池如何迎战“补贴危机” ?
Deep Analysis-How do car power batteries overcome the "Subsidy Crisis"?


In 2018, the production and sales of new energy vehicles are booming, but it is the “winter” in the power battery industry. From the policy subsidy landslide, the industry's overcapacity to raw material price fluctuations, the deep reshuffle of the power battery industry was promoted.


The power battery is the core component of the new energy vehicle, and the cost accounts for 30% to 50% of the whole vehicle. With the gradual decline of state subsidies, domestic power battery companies are facing more severe price cuts. It is understood that since 2018, vehicle manufacturers have put forward greater price reduction requirements for power battery companies. The general requirement is about 1.2RMB /Wh, which is about 25% lower than that in 2017.


Wang Jingzhong, vice chairman of China Battery Industry Association, said that there is still room for price reduction in power batteries. As process technology continues to mature, costs will be further reduced. At present, the purchase cost of new energy vehicles is more than 100,000 RMB higher than that of fuel vehicles. From the perspective of long-term use, the cost balance of new energy vehicles is 5-6 years, and the price advantage of fuel vehicles can be gradually offset.

Therefore, in the face of the “subsidy crisis”, auto companies can only win by reducing costs.


The most relevant aspect of the power battery and the sheet metal industry is the manufacture and processing of the battery case. Among the factors that can affect the cost of the power battery include the shell raw materials, materials for laser processing and welding, and processing methods. In the sheet metal industry, intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend to minimize the cost of power batteries. At present, in the field of sheet metal manufacturing, some leading companies have seamlessly linked laser welding and other technologies with automation and intelligent systems to create fully automatic sealing lines.

2019年动力电池在政策紧缩的情况下将如何通过智能制造获得生机,或许在AsiaBLECH 2019能帮你找到一些答案。

In 2019, the power battery will gain vitality through smart manufacturing in the case of policy tightening. Perhaps it can help you find some answers in AsiaBLECH 2019.
AsiaBLECH 2019 暨第四届亚洲国际金属板材加工技术展览会将在明年11月20-22日于成都世纪城新国际会展中心举办。届时,将邀请钣金行业国内外专家,一起针对目前钣金市场所面临的挑战研讨,共同寻找解决方案,创造机遇!

AsiaBLECH 2019 ,the 4th edition Asian International Sheet Metal Technology Exhibition will be held at the New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu on November 20-22. At that time, experts from home and abroad in the sheet metal industry will be invited to discuss the challenges facing the current sheet metal market and jointly find solutions and create opportunities!

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