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AsiaBLECH 2019 暨第四届亚洲国际金属板材加工技术展览会将于11月20-22日于成都世纪城新国际会展中心举办。目前,招展函已经发布。早鸟价格即将结束,快来预定!    

AsiaBLECH 2019 ,the 4th edition Asian International Sheet Metal Technology Exhibition will be held at the New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu on November20-22th. AsiaBLECH 2019 Brochure is now available! "Early bird" price is  coming  to the end soon! Come and book now!


New Year has already arrived and the distance to the AsiaBLECH has been entered into the countdown of 10 months. Although the sheet metal industry experienced a "cold winter" last year, but under the guide of the “40Th anniversary of reform and opening up”, the "Made in China 2025", the "Belt and Road" initiative, and the "China-US trade truce", the sheet metal industry still is full of opportunities and positive future.

AsiaBLECH 自正式启动招展工作以来,不断的与展商、行业协会进行走访和交流,收到了很多积极的反馈以及中肯的意见。2019已经来了,AsiaBLECH 满怀信心,与你相约成都

Since the official launch of the exhibition, AsiaBLECH has continuously visited and communicated with exhibitors and industry associations, and has received many positive feedbacks and pertinent opinions. 2019 has arrived, AsiaBLECH is full of confidence to see you in Chengdu.


So far, over 40% of the booths of AsiaBLECH2019 have been booked, including some well-known companies in the industry. In order to further understand the needs of exhibitors, the AsiaBLECH team visited TIMESAVERS、WILA、SIEGMUND and FAGOR, and received a warm reception. They affirmed the professionalism and rich experience of the Mack Brooks Exhibition Group as the organizer, and also confirmed that AsiaBLECH moving to the southwest is a very forward-looking strategic decision.

行业协会是通向企业的重要纽带。为了打造西南地区最专业的钣金展,AsiaBLECH团队也在不断跟成都钣金加工行业协会、深圳钣金加工行业协会、中国光学学会激光加工委员会和四川省机械工联合会等机构紧密联系,重在学习经验以及促成高端学术会议。从协会负责人的交流中,我们听到了对于AsiaBLECH 部署西南地区的肯定,在增强信心的同时,也听到了协会领导人对于成渝地区产业部署和发展分析,帮助我们更深入的了解了当地的展商以及观众情况,受益匪浅。
Industry associations are important bridges to enterprises. In order to create the most professional sheet metal exhibition in Southwest China, AsiaBLECH team is also closely liaising with Chengdu Sheet Metal Association, Shenzhen Sheet Metal Association ,  Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society and Sichuan Machinery Equipment Assosiation, focusing on learning experience and promoting high-end academic submit. From the communication of the association's leaders, we heard the affirmation of the deployment of AsiaBLECH in the southwest region. While enhancing confidence, we also heard the association leaders' analysis of the industrial deployment and development of Chengdu-Chongqing area, which helped us to understand the local area more deeply. The exhibitors and the audience have benefited a lot.

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至今,AsiaBLECH团队已经陆续与海内外20多家媒体签约,其中包括钣金行业举足轻重的国外主流媒体Sheet Metal Reviews、MTM,以及国内知名媒体金属加工、弗戈工业、ACT雅时国际商讯、机床商务网等。为AsiaBLECH进一步加深海内外市场推广奠定了坚实基础。

So far, the AsiaBLECH team has signed contracts with more than 20 media at home and abroad, including Sheet Metal Reviews, MTM, Vogel and domestic well-known media ACT, and international machine tools and JC35, etc. It has laid a solid foundation for AsiaBLECH to further deepen the promotion of time at home and abroad.

The fourth plenary meeting of the 11th Committee in Sichuan Province was held on December 10, 2018. The meeting put forward a lot of exciting data, and pointed out that it is necessary to do a good job in railways, aviation, highways, shipping key projects and other ideas and implementation plans, pointing out the direction for the positive development of the sheet metal industry in the southwest region.


On December 12, 2018, at the spirit press conference held in Chengdu to interpret the Fourth Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, it was proposed to continue to implement the strategy of “four-way expansion and global opening” and focus on high-speed railways. It will build a comprehensive transportation channel for land and sea mutual aid, east and west, and north and south.
2018年的西南地区在大刀阔斧的建设制造业,点燃了钣金行业的“星星之火”。展望2019,我们更有理由相信西南地区的钣金行业有广阔的前景和希望。AsiaBLECH 将用实际行动为你呈现最专业的钣金展。

In the southwestern region of 2018, the construction of the manufacturing industry drove the "star fire" of the sheet metal industry. Looking forward to 2019, we have more reasons to believe that the sheet metal industry in the southwest region has broad prospects and hopes. AsiaBLECH will present you with the most professional sheet metal show with practical actions.

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